How Do You Match Tile Colors? What Should Be Paid Attention To Tiling?


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First, ceramic tile color with six rules

1 collocation, dark and light, such as black and white, deep and shallow, dark green and gray collocation can be used.

2, similar color collocation, such as light yellow and deep yellow, black and gray collocation.

3, similar colors match, such as yellow and green, red and purple, red and orange, orange and yellow.

4, cool colors and warm colors, cold and warm color relationship is to rely on contrast, produced by people’s natural life experience, and collocation is also very distinctive.

5, the non-polar color and color collocation, black, white, gold, silver, ash is called non-polar color, they can match any color.

6. Compare the colors, such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, black and white.

Second, ceramic tile shop notes

1, ceramic tile shop before consumption should be checked, to see the grade, color difference and the samples are consistent, such as confirmation, so that the construction leader sign, or notify ceramic tile vendors immediately.

2, if the wall is putty wall or press cement wall, must first root out, do roughening treatment. Wall tiles must not be smaller than 1/3 blocks.

3, the ground should be fully wet, and the horizontal line on the wall and placed on the ground pre row, to ensure that each room on the same level of low brick.

4, floor tiles with good “dry shop” method.

5, bathroom tiles should be good, about 1% of the gradient, and below the floor tiles about 10mm. Kitchen tiles should be appropriate to reduce the slope.

6, in case of yang angle, should use 45 degrees cutting angle processing, waist line of the lower edge should be the window of the upper edge.

7, brick paving after 3-5 days before drilling construction, “laying tiles on the day after the re construction.

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