Benefits of Tile Flooring


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Design Versatility

Tile is available in many varieties of colors, textures, sizes, and materials. From pristine glossy whites to linen-textured sage green, geometric and modern to old world and rustic, tile is one of the more diverse decorative elements available. Perfect for high-traffic areas, like the kitchen or living room, or humidity-plagued areas like the bathroom, tile for flooring and walls are here to stay. Installing backsplash tile over the sink or stove in the kitchen can protect the drywall from splashes and spills while keeping your overall design in check. But do not think your options are limited for using tiles on floors or in the bathroom or kitchen alone: you can install tile in any room of your home, from creating an artistic subway tile backdrop in the front hallway to surrounding an ornate mirror with metallic-sheen ceramic backsplash tiles. The number of options you have for using the different types of tiles is limited only by your creative imagination.

Easy Cleaning

While tile made from natural stone does require regular resealing, for the most part, tile is one of the easier to maintain flooring options as well! You could never wet-mop your hardwood floor, or sanitize your carpet with bleach, but with tile clean up is a breeze! Even if your dining room floor has been attacked by a team of toddlers eating (and wearing) spaghetti, cleaning tile floors involves simply sweeping up the muck, and wiping clean with warm, soapy water. If times get really tough, and your new puppy just can’t make it to the backyard in time, your tile floors can be cleaned and sanitized without getting ruined. Yep – tile is a great floor for dogs too!

Simple to Repair and Maintain

By using a high-quality grout and sealant (when necessary), maintaining most types of tile requires little, if any effort. High-quality grout prevents water from leaching beneath the tile and causing extensive damage. In addition, tile can be easy to repair. Whether you find a cracked shower tile or a warped backsplash tile, all you have to do is replace the tile in just a few minutes. Just be sure to keep an extra carton of the same type of tile on hand to make the replacement process fast. New Homeowner Hint: sometimes home builders or remodelers will keep those extra cartons in the attic for just this kind of emergency!

Rugged Durability

Why spend money on expensive hardwood, when selecting wood-look tile can keep on shining in a high traffic area of your home for years to come. Tile is not only built to resist the damage caused by extended exposure to moisture but can withstand most daily wear without breaking down. Think about the durability and longevity it takes to withstand the stomping of snow boots, kids in soccer cleats, and endless trips to bring in the groceries every week, and you have captured the rugged durability tile flooring.

Cool to the Touch 

Did you know that floor tile possesses superior cooling properties? Tile is a natural room air conditioner in the summer, as the hard surface repels heat, and emits comfortably cool temps. The chill of a high-quality tile floor on a hot, steamy day will make every shower feel extra refreshing.

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